Alice Vye Henningway

Internationally acclaimed, published author.

Her first novel has been bought by Market Street Productions and Film Producer Stacy Ekstein LA, Hollywood. Alice is writing other novels about the continuation of her life after – “Nyika, I Love You”. All the books have a complete ending, but wouldn’t you be curious to know more? The books Alice is working on are – “The Clowns of Solitaire”, “Black Birds At Dawn” and “The Silver Salad Spoons”.

In Stacy Ekstein’s own words – “Alice Vye Henningways book, “Nyika, I Love You”, based on her life growing up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe broke my heart, cracked me up and left me with the hope that love conquerors all. I am honored to be part of bringing – “Nyika, I Love You”, to the screen.

1975, Rhodesia. Nyika and Joanna (Alice Vye Henningway)

A best-selling author in Asia.

Photo opportunity at McNally Bookstore in New York for my book “Nyika I Love You”. What a wonderful opportunity!

A best-selling author in Spain.

“It is a profound honor to have attained “Best Seller” status at Casa del Libro. Chosen for their  “Favorite Shelf”, at the well renowned book shop in Spain, Casa del Libro Marbella. Achieving bestseller status anywhere in Europe is a deeply humbling and exhilarating experience. I am filled with pride, yet on days such as this, as I gaze upon my book prominently displayed in the shop, I keenly feel the absence of my family. How I wish they were nearer, able to share in these moments of triumph with me. Though my beloved parents have departed, I am certain they would have been proud of my accomplishments”.

“I am able, simply because of the way in which I was raised. Do or die really, I have unwavering grit and I thank my parents for this attribute daily”.

Alice Vye Henningway

“Nyika, I Love You” gets signed by a Los Angeles based film production company!

Stacy Ekstein & Alice Vye Henningway – Seal the Deal

Alice Vye Henningway & Stacy Ekstein at Market Street Productions

Stacy Ekstein & Alice Vye Henningway – Seal the Deal


Stacy Ekstein has over 15 years’ experience producing award-winning content for companies that include Warner Bros. Entertainment, Plan B, Atlas, Jim Henson Co, EOne and Netflix. Stacy headed LA production for theatrically released LEGO MOVIE 2 and The Tom & Jerry Movie. She has written and produced viral content for companies such as North American Entertainment that have generated over 1 billion YouTube impressions. Stacy was a segment producer for Emmy Nominated Julie’s Greenroom starring Julie Andrews. Passionate about social justice topics in film, she produced the award-winning short film Elegy, based on a South African journalist’s imprisonment during apartheid, later nominated for an African Academy Award. Her work has been selected for numerous festivals including Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and American Pavilion at Cannes. Stacy Co-Founded Market Street Productions and is an active member of the Producers Guild of America. She currently lives with her family in Los Angeles.

Founding Partner
Chris Ekstein grew up in the Venice Beach art scene with his mother, a fine art photographer. After studying Speech and Drama at Rose Buford in London, Chris received his BFA from NYU Tisch and his MFA from the American Film Institute. He directed The Weight of Blood & Bones starring Jason Patric, Danny Trejo, Mark Boone Junior and Marisa Coughlan which premiered at Palm Springs International Film Festival and won Best Directing and Best Western at the Action on Film Fest. Chris shoots and produces on projects such as Jim Henson’s Julie’s Greenroom with Julie Andrews, and for companies such as Condé Nast, American Airlines, and Lenovo. He has been the DP of award-winning independent features such as Callous (Indie Fest-Best Picture), Mexican Sunrise (WorldFest Gold Award) with Armand Assante (American Gangster) and theatrically released basketball documentary Gunnin For That #1 Spot (Tribecca Film Festival) with director Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys). Chris is passionate about VR and has had his work featured in Wired Magazine. He has received the Panavision New Filmmakers Grant, Sloane Grant, Kodak Grant and Best Cinematography at the American International Film Festival. He is an active member of IATSE Cinematography Guild and the Society of Camera Operators. Chris is fluent in French and is a dual American and French citizen. He is receiving his Executive Master’s in Business Administration from UCLA.

Chris Ekstein – Director – Market Street Productions

“Nyika, I love You

About Market Street Productions

Founded in 2005 in Venice, California; Market Productions produces visually stunning content for studios, creative agencies and digital streaming platforms. Some of Market Production’s clientele include Warner Brothers Discovery, Entertainment One, The Jim Henson Company, Nickelodeon, Condé Nast, Lifetime, and Netflix. Co-founded by AFI Alum Chris Ekstein and PGA Producers, MSP has showcased award winning work in festivals such as Cannes, Tribeca, SXSW and Palm Springs. Market Productions provides innovative solutions which maximize artistic vision and production value. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering on challenging and complex productions with capabilities in Production Technologies, Visual Effects, Virtual Production and working with A-List talent.

Paul van Maanen ( Alice’s husband & negotiator)

An Epic Journey

Personal Reviews

"You are on a successful road forward..."

Thank you so much for sharing your very interesting story. It was kind of you to remember me. Best of luck in your future endeavours, it seems you are on a successful road forward. With best regards.


The Cousteau Family


"Just Brilliant..."

Her descriptions of Africa are out of this World – just brilliant!



"The Author wrote from the heart..."

This is a fascinating book about a complicated childhood. The author wrote from the heart. I can’t wait for the sequel. I hope there is one!


"Gripping, leaves you waiting to exhale..."


Madame Magazine

"It was very nostalgic for me..."

I read your book Nyika and the family game conservancy and of course, it was very nostalgic for me beacuse of Lowveld, Triangle, Chiredzi and the rest. Well done.


Internationally Acclaimed Screenwriter – South African Film/TV Award of Best Feature Script – “The Umberella Men”

"Manuscript review..."

This is a wonderful yarn, (just commenting on your manuscript) Alexandra Fuller did well with her “Don’t lets go to the dogs tonight”, but you are a better writer. Great writing follows a formula where 70% of words are single syllable and you achieve this. Your book needs some work still though, but you have lines that are brilliant such as – This line is worthy of Ernest Hemmingway: “There is so much blood drenched into our home soil, no wonder it is only fertile for short periods of time”.


"A pleasure, a thrill..."

Your book enchanted us. Loved your many beautiful phrases and your literary allusions. A pleasure, a thrill, a page turner. Incredible what you experienced and endured as a girl. Your vivid memory and your recall of minutiae and retelling is tremendous. Gosh what extreme situations for a small girl to have been exposed too, and still here you are a fire ball, unhinged, a white African and a citizen of the Globe


"Next is the literature nobel prize..."

Super great reviews!!! Congratulations. Next is the Literature Nobel Prize I am sure! What a great success for your first book.


(New York)

"Evocative, poignant & moving..."

I have just finished reading your book and I would like to say what a pleasure it was in many ways. very evocative, poignant and moving. I had a similar relationship with my Esther, my carer, from the age of 1 to 9 growing up in Harare, and so I can totally relate! Well done!.


Film Producer & Emmy Award Winner

"Super proud of you Alicyn..."

We are super proud of you Alicyn, telling our Zimbabwe story with the rest of the World!!!


Matamba Films Zimbabwe